President Joe Biden speaks about his infrastructure agenda at the Portland International Airport in Portland, Ore., Thursday, April 21, 2022. Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer / AP

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Until President Joe Biden, no major infrastructure package was passed by Congress since President Barack Obama. Small towns in Maine have desperately needed to repair and build upgraded septic systems, clean water supplies, safe bridges and roads. Maine towns have needed dependable internet so communities can attract businesses, and taxpayers, and kids can do their homework.

Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate and the House for two years and yet they were apparently not interested enough in rural America to present a vision for bridges, roads, internet, airports, ports, water and sewer projects and act on them.

In a  recent letter to the Bangor Daily News, a citizen wrote, “I think there’s only one political party in the U.S. right now that’s interested in governing and creating a better future for all of us. That would be the Democrats.” The facts support her belief.

I am grateful to President Biden for his vision and for his bill giving Maine towns funding to upgrade their infrastructure.

Carole Beal

Blue Hill