A portion of the Maine History Labor Mural, but Seal Cove artist Judy Taylor, as it appeared on the walls of the Department of Labor in Augusta before it was ordered removed by Gov. Paul LePage in March 2011. Credit: Courtesy of Larry Turner

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The best story I’ve read in ages is the Bangor Daily News recognizing a new union that will represent more than 30 of its newsroom members. My congratulations to the thoughtful, inspiring BDN Union! Their strength sets a powerful example for workers throughout Maine.

I’d also like to applaud the Bangor Daily News for recognizing this union voluntarily and engaging with the BDN Union in good faith. Those choices demonstrate character and should be the model for other employers statewide.

Unfortunately, not everyone values hard working Mainers. In 2011, then-Gov. Paul LePage   ordered the removal of a mural in Augusta celebrating the proud history of Maine workers.

If I may speak from the heart, I feel LePage’s behavior was disrespectful back then and only looks worse with the passage of time.

In my personal view, LePage has turned into a political insider who is out of touch with the needs of everyday working people. If he was against celebrating Maine workers in 2011, how can we reasonably expect LePage to champion us in 2022 and beyond? Respectfully, because of his public political record, I believe that LePage does not have our backs.

Aaron Bergeron