Whether to allow Sunday hunting is a hot-topic issue in Maine. Credit: John Holyoke / BDN

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I strongly disagree with Jared Bornstein’s description of hunters in  a recent Bangor Daily News column. He wants to educate non-hunters on how safe hunting is.

Tell   Karen Wood’s family how safe hunting is when she got shot dead in her own backyard by a store clerk. Tell my cousin who had a bullet hit the tree beside his head and then talk to the man who came out of the woods who said he’d gotten off a “sound shot.” A couple of years ago a man wounded a deer in the woods across the road from us and he came to our door and asked permission to look on our property for it. What if he hadn’t asked and saw the deer between him and our house? Would he have shot at it? There are houses on all sides of us and although they are yards away a bullet could travel in any direction and hit someone.

We live in a rural area where deer cross our property frequently. They come all fall eating the apples on our lawn that fall from the trees. I come from a family of hunters so I know that there are careful hunters out there, but I also know there are many who are not careful.

Sunday is the only day of the week in hunting season that I feel reasonably safe on my own property. Should I have to wear orange to go from my house to my garage or my clothesline other days?

Dorothy Gardner