A pole for for the New England Clean Energy Connect project runs at left alongside existing transmission lines near the Wyman Dam in Moscow. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

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New York has   recently approved an energy transmission line that, when completed, will bring clean, affordable, and renewable energy from Canada to New York City. This will be a triple bonus for New York residents: They will experience cleaner air and lower prices while reducing climate emissions. Their lungs, wallets and children will thank them for it.

In light of   what happened with the New England Clean Energy Connect in Maine last year, I applaud New Yorkers.

Last fall, through an aggressive PR campaign conducted by shadowy front groups, Texas and Florida oil and gas companies apparently convinced Mainers that we don’t need plentiful, inexpensive, renewable energy delivered through Maine’s working forest.

Our energy bills –   inflated in part due to fossil fuel price spikes – illustrate the unintended future consequences of Maine’s decision. Year-over-year electricity prices are up   nearly fourfold between January 2021 and January 2022.

How in the world are Mainers on fixed incomes supposed to afford this?

The fossil fuel companies that   helped fund the campaign against the Clean Energy Connect apparently got what they wanted:   hundreds of millions of dollars in future profits. Mainers got stuck with the bill.

Christopher Ayres