People wave signs to passing motorists near the state capitol during a March for our Lives rally on gun control Saturday, June 11, 2022, in Olympia, Wash. (Jennifer Buchanan/) Credit: Jennifer Buchanan / The Seattle Times via AP

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We must respond to the question raised by Dawn Coffin in her letter to the editor published in the June 11-12 issue of the Bangor Daily News: “How is a rifle more to blame when it does harm than a bottle which also injured someone?”

When a rifle is put to its intended use, by its very nature, it can maim or kill; a bottle, put to its intended use, cannot. A rifle can maim or kill many in a frighteningly short period of time; a bottle, used as a weapon, cannot. Simply put, people with guns kill people, sometimes many people, because that’s what guns are for.

Tom and Jaci Hancock