An anti-Biden sign is displayed outside the Ole Tymer BBQ restaurant in Rome, Ga., on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022, in Georgia's 14th congressional district. Georgia will hold its Republican primary on May 24. Credit: Ben Gray

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As a member of Piscataquis County Democrats, I am deeply saddened by the anonymous hate mail we’ve received periodically. Mail that states we are Communists, un-American, liars, plus causing our country to go to hell since the stolen election. Words such as these were scribbled over our candidates’ promotion in the local paper and then mailed to us. I’ve observed signs that say F- Biden and F- Democrats, which school-age children can see. Is this what we want modeled for our children?

Our service committee has given $3,250 to local food cupboards plus an abundance of food and household items. We’ve hosted free community dinners, raised money for the Penquis Backpack program and had a food relief drive for Ukraine, which gave $2,500 to World Central Kitchen. Our education outreach committee has hosted events for the public with topics such as climate change, the Bill of Rights, rural women’s issues and plastic pollution. We are a group of individuals trying to be a positive influence for the community and country that we love.

Is name calling, bullying and disrespect acceptable simply because we have different views?  Let’s return to civility, respect and integrity in political discourse instead of demonizing the opposing party.

Andrea Thurlow