Chris Merlet packs vegetables at the South Community Food Pantry, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022, in Pittsfield, Mass. The South Community Food Pantry is the new name for the food pantry at South Congregational Church in Pittsfield and serves about 600 families per week. Food is delivered on Tuesdays and distributed at the church Wednesday and Thursdays. Credit: Ben Garver / AP

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Last night I had a (practical) dream. The dream has inspired an idea: Everyone bought one extra item when food shopping. Everyone placed the one extra item in the red bin for  Area Interfaith Outreach (AIO) food pantry to benefit those individuals and family members in need. In the dream everyone made a pledge to do this.

The idea is not for people to make a pledge. I’m inviting people to join me and actually buy one extra item to place in the red bin at the grocery store. Thank you for hearing my dream.

Ananur Forma