MONMOUTH – Bring your young explorer to Theater at Monmouth this summer to see the world through the eyes of “Teacher’s Pet” Pandora, in TAM’s 2022 Family Show workshop production of Pandora and Her Top Secret and Exceptionally Important Scientific Mission by Sarah Bierstock. Discover what’s in Pandora’s suitcase starting Saturday, July 2 at 1 p.m. (and every Saturday afternoon in July) through Thursday, Aug. 18 with matinee performances on both weekdays and weekends.

“Pandora and Her Top Secret and Exceptionally Important Scientific Mission follows Pandora who is Seriously Curious about all things Global Warming. When the kids at school call her Teacher’s Pet one too many times, she decides to try out life at Dad’s house, and enrolls in the gifted and talented school, Smarty Pants Academy. She just has this one, Exceptionally Important Scientific Experiment she must complete before leaving. It involves a large suitcase she lugs around with her. What could be inside there?? And why is she dragging it to the river?

Director Lindsey Higgins explains her vision, “Children are some of the most unique, misunderstood, and infuriating creatures on the planet. One moment they’ll astonish you with words of wisdom beyond their years, and the next, they’ll exasperate you with their stubbornness.  I wanted to create a world directly from Pandora’s perspective, alive with adult figures and experiences fantastically larger than life.”

Pandora and Her Top Secret and Exceptionally Important Scientific Mission features Rebecca Ho as Pandora and Caitlin Ort as Actor 2. Set Design by Jim Alexander, Costume Design by Michelle Handley, Lighting Design by Erin Fauble, Sound Design by Rew Tippin, and Stage Managed by Sophie Harrington.

Additional performance dates 7/9, 716, 7/23, 8/2, 8/6, 8/9, 8/12, 8/18 at 1 p.m. For calendar and reservations, please contact the TAM Box Office at 207-933-9999 or visit

Theater at Monmouth, founded in 1970, was named the Shakespearean Theater of Maine by the State Legislature in 1975. The theatre’s mission is to present innovative approaches to Shakespeare and other classic plays through professional productions that enrich the lives of people throughout Maine. Since its founding, TAM has produced expertly crafted, engaging productions in its three-month Summer Repertory Season entertaining audiences from 36 states and through Education Tours annually reaching more than 15,000 students statewide.