A lobster boat crew checks traps in Frenchman Bay on Thursday, July 22, 2021. Credit: Josh Kaufmann

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I have to agree with the recent quote from the American Aquafarms spokesman, “We’re not going anywhere.” I just see it a little differently.

The company may be sticking around and making another run at getting state permits, but I think this large fish farm project has been a loser from day one and it’s time the company realized that, yes indeed, it’s not going anywhere.

The opposition to this project is pretty much universal. The people in the host community of Gouldsboro  voted overwhelmingly for a moratorium on developments like this while they

strengthen local ordinances.

Leading conservation and environmental groups oppose it.

Lobstermen from virtually every harbor in and around Frenchman Bay have signed petitions against it. Even the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce said it would be bad for local businesses.

It’s time American Aquafarms realized that no one is buying what they are selling. I believe they would be wise to pack up and go home to Norway before they waste more of our time and their money.

Zach Piper