Traffic backs up onto I-395 from Rt 1A heading toward Bar Harbor on Friday afternoon. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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As a resident of Holden, I have watched with interest what is happening with the   I-395 extension. One of the biggest questions I have had is how someone coming from Brewer could access this new highway and head east. As far as I can tell, nothing on maps provided by the state indicated a new on-ramp or any other method of easy access. Lately it appears that a ramp is being built that will require a 90-degree turn off Route 1A to head east for traffic coming from East Holden or Ellsworth.

Here is the scary part. To head east on I-395, it appears that traffic from Brewer will have to cross a busy lane of 1A traffic heading to Brewer. I hope and wish I am missing something here, but it seems that no other entry points are being constructed at this time. If what I just described is true, what are the developers of this extension thinking? How many accidents and possible deaths will it take to see this huge error in design. Are they planning on putting a traffic light on the new bridge? Someone please explain what I might be missing here.

Nicholas Fox