The Kora Shrine Color Guard stands at midfield Saturday, July 16, 2022, at Don Roux Field in Lewiston, Maine, with the East and West cheerleaders holding a giant flag as other shriners and dignitaries join in for the national anthem and opening ceremonies during the Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl Classic high school football game played at Lewiston High School. Credit: Russ Dillingham / AP

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A high school all-star  football game in the middle of July is hardly a news popper. After all it is summer; not the changing colors of the leaves. However, now that the eight-player MPA football classification includes the St. John Valley, it could mean that one or more valley players could/will be selected to play in the annual Maine Shrine Lobster Bowl football classic.

Possibly the game organizers might consider alternating years for playing the annual classic in Southern Maine and Bangor (or Orono?). Of course, it is still summer and football is not a summer sport. But Lewiston is a long distance drive from north of Bangor especially if a high school football fan with no personal connection to the game just wants to enjoy organized summertime football. It anticipates the NFL and college football just around the corner in August.

Richard Mackin Jr.