Stand out solar panels near corn growing on Barb and Gerald Bauer's farm Aug. 20, 2021, near Faribault, Minn. They say leasing land for the "community solar" garden removes several acres from crop production but provides extra revenue. Credit: Jim Mone / AP

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We are losing our America. Our history, our heritage, our freedom, our patriotism, our values and our middle class.

Families are struggling to make ends meet and all we hear about is global warming. Solar panels are going up everywhere destroying valuable farm lands, forests, wildlife habitat and Maine’s natural beauty.

Are Maine farmers expected to trade in their farm equipment and run on solar? Are Maine households expected to replace furnaces with solar energy? It’s an unrealistic and unworkable plight. The entire country could run on solar and it   would not make much of a difference in global warming.

Do we realize the   majority   of solar panel equipment comes from China? And where do the solar panels go in   about 25 years when they are no longer effective? Landfills? Thousands of unsightly solar panels are scarring our beautiful state and at what cost?

In 1978, Maine passed a   billboard law to protect Maine’s landscape and natural beauty. Over 8,500 billboards and roadside signs were removed. Throughout Maine today, huge solar fields are devastating the Maine landscape that the billboard law once protected, and there’s no end in sight.

To witness first hand what I believe is the destruction of land and wildlife habitat travel to Davis Road, Bangor. Is this what we want our state to look like? One day when the woke wake up, the farmlands are gone, wildlife disappears, families unable to make ends meet and our state is littered with solar panels, we will say “Maine, the Way Life Shouldn’t Be!”

Tonia Gilkey