The Bangor Mall. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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Does anyone else wonder how the panhandlers near/at the Bangor Mall area arrive for duty each today? Well, today, I saw a gentleman at the I-95 exit ramp with what appeared to be an expensive men’s bicycle — maybe $300 or more. The assumption, of course, is that it’s his transportation to his preferred spot.

That said, I’ve often wondered how any of those folks get to their panhandling destinations. Do they hitchhike? Probably not. Do they catch a ride with a family member? What about the bus ride? Can they carry their signs, too? Or, do they just park their car behind a building?

I live right nearby on the Eastside and I’ve never seen a “street person” walk by en route to the mall area. And, I’ve never seen an indigent soul camped out anywhere near the mall. I’ve also noticed the panhandlers usually arrive about 10 a.m. My work day began for 40-plus years at 8 a.m. Just saying.

Jack Gifford