People walks past Prince Charles Cinema, which displays a message reading 'Thank you for the last 70 years', in Soho, in London, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022. Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest reigning monarch, will lie in state at Westminster Palace from Wednesday. Credit: Alberto Pezzali / AP

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The 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her unquestioned love of country made me think of our current crop of government officials and self-serving politicians. I know and admire many British sailors and I’ve never heard any of them speak ill about Queen Elizabeth and I can’t imagine her putting up with disrespectful dialog about the United Kingdom.

With the possible exception of Donald Trump, my fellow American veterans and a small handful of others, I seldom hear any present day American government official or politician speak forcefully about their love for the United States of America and our Constitution.

I’m not advocating a return to a monarchy but we desperately need more love of country patriots. It all begins at the top.

Richard de Grasse