There are many ways people can protect themselves when the skies shade from clear to cloudy. A mobile device is a way to keep individuals prepared and protected when storms bear down on a community. With Hurricane Fiona forecasted to hit the Canadian Maritimes and impact Maine as well, now is the time to make sure you have the technology to keep you informed.

“At UScellular, we have your back during times of need with the latest technology and accessories to help make things easier,” said Tabatha McKay, UScellular’s area vice president/general manager in New England. “Fast data connection speeds give our customers access to a better experience on city streets, country roads, and in their homes.”

There are several ways for people to track turbulent weather with a mobile device. Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become a preferred way to quickly get and share information, especially during severe weather and natural disasters. The website encourages families to develop and practice an emergency plan.

Here is another thing to keep in mind: If phone service is impacted because of a storm or high call volume, text messages could still go through because they require less network bandwidth than calls.

UScellular recommends the following free apps for Google Play and Apple devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22+ and iPhone 14 Pro:

• AccuWeather – The app produces local weather videos daily, features a minute-by-minute forecast and collects crowd-sourced weather observations. AccuWeather also offers weather alerts, hurricane trackers, and more to keep you informed.
• The Weather Channel – Top features include hourly, daily and 15-day forecasts, UV index, road conditions and forecast videos for your area.

• WeatherBug – Do you suffer from allergies? This app is a great source of news on the topic. In addition to hourly, daily and 10-day forecasts, WeatherBug details lightning strikes in your area in real time.

• Weather Live – A highly customizable display makes the app stand out. You can choose four different layouts. Each provides simple or complex details. You also can set what data is displayed in which order for each layout. If your area has received heavy rainfall, you may want the precipitation parameter on top. Someone who enjoys watching the sunset can place that time higher in his or her layout.

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