This illustration made available by Johns Hopkins APL and NASA depicts NASA's DART probe, foreground right, and Italian Space Agency's LICIACube, bottom right, at the Didymos system before impact with the asteroid Dimorphos, left. Credit: Steve Gribben / Johns Hopkins APL / NASA via AP

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Not being an educated person, I am unable to grasp the concept that the U.S. government can spend (waste) hundreds of millions to fire rockets into space to see if they are able to: One, hit said target, and two, alter the orbit of said target because at some point this might save the world. Not sure which is the bigger joke, this concept or the government employees behind the scenes. Are these people really needed?

Think what the wasted money could do to help feed the hungry masses, put roofs over the heads of homeless people, especially families, or secure our borders. But no, these humane concepts don’t create headlines for pathetic “wannabes” in Washington, so they are not necessary. Politicians and their cohorts should be proud, they waste hard-earned taxpayer monies for personal notoriety while turning their backs on our less fortunate populace.

Absolutely 100 percent disgusting actions from our supposed leaders.

Larry Davenport

Fort Fairfield