Gov. Janet Mills and former Gov. Paul LePage Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / BDN

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It’s sad and worrisome how quickly our nation has broken out into anger and unkindness. On social media, people who used to be good friends are tearing each other apart. In politics, this mean-spiritedness is becoming the norm. Is this really the best we can do? Are we going to take some responsibility for setting a tone in society that will be a gift to our children and grandchildren?

Yes, it can be difficult to know what to think with all the lies and distortions in the political attack ads. But, those who want our votes next month have track records showing the truth of who they are and how they have governed.

The man who wants to be governor again has a clear and consistent record of being in one conflict after another. Week after week he made headlines as he berated and ranted against yet another Maine citizen or legislator who didn’t agree with him. Our present governor has guided our state through some very challenging times, with no mudslinging, no insults, no fights.

We can make a difference by electing people who know how to work together for the benefit of all Maine citizens. Please, let’s vote for civility.

Christopher Wright


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