First lady Jill Biden visits a pediatric COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Henrico County Health Department East Clinic on Friday, July 1, 2022 in Richmond, Va. The visit sought to highlight the recent authorization and recommendation of COVID-19 vaccines for children under age five and was her first visit to a 6-month to 5-year-old pediatric COVID-19 vaccination clinic since the CDC recommended the use of COVID-19 vaccines for this age group. Credit: Eva Russo / Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP

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‘Tis the political season, and like many I’ve been getting inundated with flyers in the mail. Normally, they go straight in the trash but today one caught my eye. It said “Don’t let Republicans like Kelly James make private medical decisions for you.” It then went on about abortion. Now, I don’t know James but I’ll tell you what I do know: anyone who believes that even a significant Republican majority in the Maine Legislature would have the votes to alter the state’s abortion laws is either wrong or is simply trying to appeal to the basest of political fears. Even former Gov. Paul LePage   has said he would veto a hypothetical change to the state’s abortion laws.

But do you know who does seem to want to make private medical decisions for you? The head of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Democrat-appointee Dr. Nirav Shah, who just joined with others on a U.S. CDC advisory committee to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the vaccination regime for children. I got the COVID vaccine because my job required it, but I’ll be damned before I make my 2-year-old daughter get it – not because I’m anti-vaccine but because I have a bottle of ketchup in my house that’s older and has been more rigorously studied than that shot. The Democrats are awfully selective about what is a “private medical decision” and what’s not.

On Nov. 8, vote Republican like your children’s lives depend on it. Because they very well might.

Patrick Calder


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