A car drives by an election day voting sign on outer Congress Street in Portland on June 14, 2022. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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I came across an admonition for Maine Republicans and actually all Republicans from before the self-induced implosion of the party because of ex-President Donald Trump. We cannot sit back and do nothing, we have to stay involved and protect those principles that have shaped our party and our country.

The article was entitled “Shadow of the Apostles and Gandhi.” As this was written some time ago I have replaced the word “man” with “person” and “spiritual” with “political.” I quote but the first four sentences of 10 sentences.

“The shadow of a person is always good or evil, it is never neutral. It either helps or hurts, builds up or tears down, blesses or curses. One’s influence is either a steppingstone or a stumbling

Block. Some assume that in moral and political matters they can be neutral. The plain truth is that if a person does not champion what is right, the person thereby throws their weight on the side of wrong by silently condoning it.” (Author unknown.)

We may be old and our shadows are getting longer but we must stay involved and vote.

Dick Rhoda


Orient Town Republican Committee


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