U.S. Rep. Jared Golden of Maine's 2nd District listens to lobstermen speak at a rally on the Portland waterfront on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

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I want to publicly thank U.S. Rep. Jared Golden and his office for helping my late father with his tax problems this past year. Golden’s staff helped us work with a taxpayer advocate to sort out my dad’s issues. Golden’s staff were very helpful and kept checking with me to see how the progress was going during several months of back and forth with the IRS. They went above and beyond the call of duty.

Golden obviously cares about and respects his constituents and takes the time to help them deal with the government.

I also like how Golden is dedicated to saving and strengthening Social Security and Medicare. I’ve paid into these programs all my life, and now that I’m retired, I really depend on them.

I also want to thank him for working in Congress to solve bigger problems, like making progress on solving climate change, on reducing the cost of  prescription drugs, on reducing student loan debt and on improving our  infrastructure. We need more progress on these issues in the future  — for years it seemed like Congress was in gridlock and did nothing at all about crumbling roads and bridges, skyrocketing prices of prescriptions and climate change. Thanks for getting things done. Progress is good!

Samuel Winch


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