Former President Donald Trump pauses while speaking at a rally at the Minden Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nev., on Oct. 8, 2022. Credit: José Luis Villegas

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I believe Donald J. Trump has hoodwinked the Republican Party by fabricating “The Steal” of the 2020 election and lying about voter fraud where there is none. I think he has hoodwinked the state and national GOP into giving him   over $250 million to support his lie and his possible 2024 presidential run.

I vote for political leaders who bring out the best in people, who unite more than divide, who want what is best for our state and country, not what benefits their selfish agenda. I believe Paul LePage and Bruce Poliquin are part and parcel of the Trumpian view of the world. Until they strongly repudiate the most corrupt president in our history, they will continue to have no credibility.

Vote your conscience and vote for what is best for our state and country. Stop being hoodwinked by someone who I believe is the biggest American con man ever to live.

Mac Herrling


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