Penobscot County Jail. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

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I want to express my full and complete confidence in Kimberly Boucher for Penobscot County Treasurer, and I urge people to vote for Boucher on Nov. 8.

I met Boucher in 2019 when we moved into the same neighborhood. I immediately noticed her thoughtfulness, integrity, and dedication to her community.

As a non-profit professional for over 12 years, she knows the importance of making the most impact for a community while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Her diverse experiences living abroad have also broadened her perspectives on people from all backgrounds and have widened her lens on community-based approaches. She works with everyone across the board, listens well to concerns, and makes responsible fiscal decisions accordingly.

Please vote for Kimberly Boucher for Penobscot County Treasurer on Nov. 8 to ensure that tax dollars are managed with the utmost care.

Emerald Forcier


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