Last week, daylight saving time ended. And, on cue, the complaints about the twice yearly time change commenced.
In this Nov. 1, 2022, file photo, Ian Roders fastens the hands to a clock at Electric Time Co. in Medfield, Massachusetts. Credit: Charles Krupa / AP

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Now that the elections are history, it’s time to turn our attention to the issue of abolishing daylight saving time altogether, making eastern standard time permanent year round. Standard time is in accordance with solar noon. It’s also in tune with our body’s natural circadian rhythm. Daylight saving time throws this pattern off-kilter.

I don’t know about others, but I’m miserable from early March to early November, just not my usual bright sunny self. Returning to the real time, the normal time, benefits us all.

Finally, praise and gratitude to both Charles Mitchell and Gina Garey for their compassionate recent letters to the editor in the Bangor Daily News about animal cruelty, an important issue no matter where people stand on the political spectrum. Hunting can potentially harm either the hunter, him or herself, when a bullet goes astray; or wound an animal but not kill it outright. I receive literally hundreds of letters from nonprofits on the subject of animal cruelty, usually with horrifying graphics of abused animals. I think the kind of depraved person who would treat an innocent creature like this wouldn’t hesitate to treat a human being likewise.

Now, go take that campaign sign off the lawn!

Trudy Nelson