Editors note: The threats to Falmouth and Yarmouth schools were not found to be credible, according to Yarmouth police. Read the update here.

Falmouth and Yarmouth schools closed Friday as police investigated possible threats.

Yarmouth Superintendent Andrew Dolloff sent an email to parents Friday morning saying he received a call from the Yarmouth Police Department that an online threat had been made against the schools, according to the Portland Press Herald.

“We are working with YPD to determine the credibility of this threat and the identities of those involved,” Dolloff wrote in the email, according to the Portland paper.

The Falmouth School Department said in a statement Friday morning that the police department received a threat against the schools and the schools had been closed “out of an abundance of caution” to investigate the incident more thoroughly

“Students are safe, the campus is secure, and public safety is closely monitoring this situation,” Falmouth Police Chief John Kilbride said. “We will continue to investigate this threat and take appropriate precautions to ensure the campus remains secure.”

The threats come three days after widespread false reports of active shooters hit schools across the state. Police said the threats received Tuesday morning were all hoaxes.