A traffic sign on the corner of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue announces Times Square as a gun free zone on Oct. 11, 2022, in New York. Credit: Mary Altaffer / AP

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We live in unprecedented times. With a hand-held device, we can talk to anyone in the world. We can start the car from any distance. Control things in our homes. It seems not to be a stretch to me that someone would have the talent to devise a device to be installed in a firearm that would disable the weapon with a radio signal. Then places like Walmart, schools and public places, as well as private, could be easily converted to gun free zones. And I’m sure that an “app” could also become available for cellphones for personal gun free zones.

Yes, of course, there are drawbacks to this plan. This would work for all new guns as it could be mandated for the installation before sales, but the cost could be covered by not having to mandate extensive failed background checks. The problem of all the existing guns is a bigger problem of course. Most gun owners are responsible and would want their firearms retrofitted and many would also opt to make their homes gun free zones, which would cut down on the accidental gun deaths of children playing with guns and other gun accidents.

Perhaps our government could offer a $20 million tax free prize for this invention and offer a $50 million tax free prize for the invention that could render ammunition subject to the same radio signals.

Neil Barschdorf