A selection of vintage clocks are displayed at Electric Time Co. on Nov. 1, 2022, in Medfield, Massachusetts. Credit: Charles Krupa / AP

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Adding to recent calls to make standard time permanent in Maine, allow me to make two points: first, our time zones are not perfect even before we added daylight saving time. Maine ought to be in the Atlantic time zone, not eastern (which extends as far west as Indiana); and that solar noon in Winterport (or Thomaston) on Nov. 21 was at 11:20 a.m. The sun was not directly overhead when my watch hit 12 p.m., rendering arguments about circadian rhythms moot.

A bonus point? Ask anyone living in the Nordics about white nights when the sun barely sets for a few months. They seem to do OK up there. The only folks who would really benefit from year-round standard time are the lobster folks who head out before sunrise.

My vote is to split Maine: Everything east of Interstate 95 is in the Atlantic time zone and make eastern daylight time permanent. Or keep switching.

Larry Butler