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Colin Chase admittedly doesn’t hunt anymore.

He has given up pursuing deer with a rifle in favor of “shooting” them with his assortment of expertly placed trail cameras.

It’s clear that if Chase did ever put on the blaze orange again and head into the woods to hunt, he would tag out quickly. Either that, or he would simply wait for a big buck, like some of those shown in his videos, to make an appearance.

If you’re anything like me (hopefully not) and your encounters with bucks are few and far between — and fleeting — you might need a handkerchief when you watch today’s video from Chase’s “Maine Woodsbooger” YouTube channel. If it doesn’t have hunters drooling about what’s out there, it might just leave them crying.

Of course, folks who simply enjoy watching beautiful scenes from the woods will be equally enthralled by having such an up-close view of Maine white-tails.

Today’s video features an impressive assortment of nice bucks, all of which made appearances at the pictured location to announce their presence and stake their claim on that piece of the woods.

The deer can be seen scraping away leaves to expose the bare ground with their hooves and urinating on the tarsal glands located on their hind legs, which leaves their scent on the ground. They also rub the “licking branch,” which often is located directly above a scrape, to deposit the scent from the glands on their noses, eyes and forehead on them.

The behavior is territorial and ritual, especially for the more mature bucks who want to assert their dominance.

Make sure to check out Chase’s Maine Woodsbooger YouTube channel to see all the amazing videos he has posted in the past few years. We appreciate the chance to share some of his footage with you.

Pete Warner

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