The offices at 1 Merchants Plaza, home of the Bangor Daily News. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

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In your recent editorial, “Have an opinion? Please write to us,” you are asking your readers to write more letters. I have noticed that some editions of the Bangor Daily News haven’t had any letters and the Jan. 27 edition was one of these. When there are letters, you state: “If a letter or OpEd is published, submissions by the same writer will not be considered for 60 days.”

Now, in the .COMments section, many of the same people write comments multiple times — sometimes in the same edition. These people are good at expressing themselves in real time online and get their opinions printed over and over; so as a reader, I know pretty much how the repeat writers are going to respond on any given issue.

My question to the BDN editorial staff is why limit writers of actual letters to just one published letter every 60 days? You might get more letters if people could write more often.

Karen Jo Young