The Offshore Wind Port Advisory Group toured Sears Island in November. Credit: Murray Carpenter / Maine Public

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Oh, the irony: A “green” project threatening a truly green environment. Brings to mind the rhetorical question: What do you do when you see one endangered species attacking another?

Now we have another misbegotten project being floated for the potential destruction of Sears Island, the other being the horrific past idea of a coal-fired generating plant on the island. Now it’s another that could destroy the island’s unique status in conservation. Creation of the staging site for offshore wind turbines could eliminate the benefits the island offers to animals, fish, birds and other creatures, not to mention those of my species who enjoy its accessibility, beauty, peace and natural aspects.

Let’s say it consumes 50 acres, siting it at the south end of the island virtually ruins the other 900 acres to the north. The existing paved road from the causeway would be rebuilt and extended to the south end; new power lines, water lines and communication lines would go through now-pristine woodland. The dead-end access road and causeway from U.S. Route 1 is now safe to walk, drive or bicycle on and has ample parking. That road would have to be “improved” and the heavy traffic could make it less safe.

The necessary pier could further constrict maneuvering room for ships coming into Mack Point, which, incidentally, serves already as a transship point for land-based wind turbines. The increased number of service vessels would create additional traffic on an already busy section of Penobscot Bay. That is a truly bad idea.

Harold Shaw