A Cumberland County jury on Wednesday reportedly ordered Mercy Hospital in Portland and one of its physicians to pay $6.5 million to the family of a man who died as the result of a negligent misdiagnosis.

Peter Smith, 25, paid multiple visits to Dr. John Henson at Mercy in June 2021, presenting with a rash, fever, chills, dizziness and headaches, according to attorneys representing Smith’s family.

During each visit, Henson diagnosed Smith with something other than Lyme disease.

By the time Smith was so ill from his symptoms that he had to be transported to Mercy via ambulance, it was too late, according to attorneys.

It was then that he was correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease and Lyme carditis by a different team of physicians and died about a week later from the condition, according to attorneys.

The hospital and the doctor have been ordered to pay $6.5 million to the family as a result of the misdiagnosis.

“Mercy Hospital extends its heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Smith’s family and regrets the circumstances that occurred leading to his death. Mercy is in the process of evaluating next steps following the jury’s verdict in this case,” the hospital said in a statement.