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When the pickings are slim in the dead of winter and there’s an unexpected deposit of meat left in the woods, all the carnivores in the neighborhood are eager to check it out.

That might explain this video of a fisher, which has caught a whiff of nearby carrion.

In the first segment, a frisky fisher apparently happens on the scene and cashes in. It runs away, lickety-split, with food in its mouth.

In the second scene, later that same day, the fisher apparently encounters resistance while trying to grab more snacks. It scampers away as quickly as it arrived.

Trail camera whiz Allie Ladd of Byron has a theory about why the fisher didn’t stick around for long and left empty handed.

“I think the bobcat had some words for him,” Ladd offered.

Thanks to Allie Ladd for continuing to provide Bangor Daily News readers with a special window on the Maine outdoors world.

Pete Warner

Pete graduated from Bangor High School in 1980 and earned a B.S. in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Maine in 1986. He grew up fishing at his family's camp on Sebago Lake but didn't take...