At least one bison remains at large in the Fort Fairfield area, according to police.
Three bison escaped from a nearby farm on Monday near Fort Fairfield. Credit: Courtesy of Mandy DeWitt / CBS 13

Two of three bison that escaped from an Aroostook County farm have been returned to their pen.

The three bison were spotted wandering on Route 167, also known as Presque Isle Road, about 7 a.m. Monday, according to the Fort Fairfield Police Department.

Police attempted unsuccessfully to reach their owner, Craig Smith, for help corralling the large beasts.

By the late afternoon, two of the bison were nudged back home and a fence repaired to prevent their aimless wandering, police said Monday.

One bison remains at large, and Fort Fairfield police cautioned drivers to be on the lookout for the escapee. Police warned the large animals can be “unpredictable.”

Charges are likely against the bisons’ owner.

It’s not the first time bison have escaped Smith’s farm. About a year ago 10 of the large animals broke through a fence and ran along the Fort Road in Presque Isle, causing officials to shut down the Quoggy Jo Ski Center and Nordic Heritage Center until they were rounded up.

Bison are the largest mammals in North America, standing up to 6 feet tall and weighing as much as a ton, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior.

People took to social media to share videos of the bison on the roadway.  

The animals’ jaunt interfered with ski activities. The Quoggy Jo Ski Center canceled its after-school ski program Monday and will schedule a make-up session.

No additional information was immediately available.