In this 2022 file photo, voters in Orono fill out ballots during the town's annual election in the Town Council chambers. Credit: Sawyer Loftus / BDN

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Meghan Gardner is a candidate to continue serving on the Orono Town Council. Gardner presently serves on the council, where:

She always does her homework, having read and thought in advance about all items on the agenda;

She is engaged with the proceedings, listens attentively to the opinions of others and asks incisive questions;

She is civil in discussion and debate;

She brings well-grounded, realistic perspectives to government based on her parallel careers as teacher, parent and owner/operator of a retail business;

She is concerned for and speaks up on behalf of all segments of the community served by Orono town government;

She is aware of the infrastructure needs of the community and of residents’ interest in programs provided by the town and the challenges to fund and staff both effectively.

Most impressive is her ability to present a clear, concise summary of an issue along with compromises to be considered and a suggested path forward. 

Gardner is an excellent councilor and will serve Orono well for another term. I urge Orono voters to vote in the March 14 election (absentee or in person) and to select Gardner for one of the two open council seats. 

Fredrica E. Smith