The offices at 1 Merchants Plaza, home of the Bangor Daily News, are seen on April 6, 2020. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

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I am often “chained” to my computer for more than half of the day at work. Consequently, I do not wish to read the Bangor Daily News online. I relax as I read the print BDN. I absorb the investigative reporting, and reflect on local, state, national and international news and the editorials. This builds citIzenship! I value news about trails, cooking, markets, sports, cultural events, etc. This builds community!

I subscribe digitally to a national newspaper that I used to read at much greater depth in print. Perhaps digital and print formats have different effects on the reader?

With the decision to drop Monday’s print edition, may I request the BDN interview experts and report their investigation to us? Which format (print or digital) leads to the best comprehension and recall of material? Are the same or different neural networks activated in the brain? Are there unique advantages or are they redundant?

I implore subscribers and the business community to help increase BDN revenue; educators and students to use the newspaper, together, for learning and class discussions; and our congressional delegation (Sen. Susan Collins, Rep. Jared Golden, Sen. Angus King, Rep. Chellie Pingree) to reintroduce the bill intended to prevent internet “news-harvesters” from using newspapers’ reporting without paying for it. The BDN needs our support.

Susan H. Brawley