He’s at it again. Colin Chase of Gray, who has been a relentless proponent of Maine wildlife through his compelling trail camera videos, has released another gem.

This offering centers around a porcupine den that Gray had previously discovered in a hollow tree. His visit to check this particular camera, with his faithful canine companion Stryder alongside, came during the winter months.

Along the way, they stumble across some fisher tracks in the snow and upon arrival at the stinky aforementioned tree, they encounter a porcupine. That sets up some behind-the-scenes footage of the prickly inhabitants.

The video includes the nighttime yipping of some coyotes and a visit to the tree by one of the curious canines, which seems to believe there might be a meal in the offing.

Another coyote (it could be the same one) passes by a few days later and, judging by its behavior, clearly knows there are some critters up in the tree. Negotiating the deep snow, it circles the area.

There appears to be a disagreement of sorts among the porcupines in the following portion, which also features a snowshoe hare sighting.

Thanks to Colin Chase for his awesome videos! Make sure to check out his work on his “Maine Woodsbooger” YouTube channel, where he has tons of great footage featuring numerous animals.

Pete Warner

Pete graduated from Bangor High School in 1980 and earned a B.S. in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Maine in 1986. He grew up fishing at his family's camp on Sebago Lake but didn't take...