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The thrill of observing Maine wildlife as it goes about its daily business in the woods just doesn’t get old.

That is especially true of animals like Canada lynx, which are plentiful in parts of western and northern Maine, but which aren’t standing around letting people watch them.

That’s the beauty of the trail camera era. The lynx either don’t see them or don’t feel threatened by them. Thus, they go about their routines uninhibited.

If the camera is placed in a good spot, the footage of these beautiful creatures piles up quickly over a period of weeks. Allie Ladd of Byron helped make sure fellow trail camera enthusiast Colin Chase of Gray would not be disappointed.

Chase recently compiled a second group of video clips captured after placing cameras in the western mountains. Predictably, the results are amazing and we all are the beneficiaries of his many hours of driving, negotiating deep snow and then editing tons of footage into a single product.

Today’s video provides us with another intimate look at the lives of the lynx. Their actions are particularly compelling at this time of year as their mating-related vocalizations echo through the forest.

Our sincere thanks to Colin Chase for sharing beautiful footage with Bangor Daily News readers! Check out his “Maine Woodsbooger” YouTube channel to see more of his wildlife videos.

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