Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is proud to celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Week and announce that voting is open for this year’s Luminary Award recipient! This award celebrates the remarkable individuals who make up our volunteer community here at the medical center, shining a light on those who truly embody compassion, kindness, dedication, and a generous spirit, and who help make a difference in the patient experience through their volunteer service.

The medical center is excited to introduce this year’s first nominee, Bill Donovan. Bill has been an integral part of the Caring Calls program for an impressive 14 years, dedicating more than 1,700 hours of his time to serving the community since he first joined the volunteer team in 2002.

Cynthia Smith, manager, Caring Calls Program, says “Bill is a dedicated volunteer that brings joy to all the Caring Call participants, as well as our Northern Light Home Care and Hospice staff. His infectious laughter warms the hearts of everyone around him, and he is one of the kindest men I know.”

In fact, when Bill is on vacation, staff members eagerly ask after him because they miss him so much! Cindy goes on to say that Bill is always eager to lend a hand or a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

When he’s not busy volunteering, Bill loves spending time in his garden and chatting with others about his passion for gardening. It’s clear that his warmth and generosity are felt far beyond his volunteer work, and we are grateful to have him as a part of our community.

Please visit the link below to vote for your favorite nominee and help shine a light on the amazing work of these dedicated volunteers.