People march and hold pro-life signs during the March for Life event on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, in Richmond, Va. Credit: Mike Caudill / AP

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I have just finished reading  LD 1619, the controversial bill to remove some restrictions on abortions. Like many people who believe in the sanctity of human life, I was shocked by the unrestrained arrogance that seems to be motivating a proposal like this.

In Michael Shepherd’s front page BDN article last weekend, “What Mill’s abortion-rights push would mean for Maine” this arrogance seems to be echoed when he writes, “Republicans are framing the proposed changes in stark terms but have little power to stop Democrats from passing them.” If this bill is passed, with a recommendation by a physician any child may have its life terminated right up to the time of birth.

Given the increasing political intrusion on health care decisions, as witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the extreme nature of this bill, Gov. Janet Mills’ proposal seems more like hatred of the U.S. Supreme Court and political revenge than concern for the “right to choose” or medical common sense. I think this bill proposes legalized infanticide. Plain and simple, it would be an embarrassment to the State of Maine if it even comes to a vote in the House.

Michael Karnas