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Kirk Gentalen recently captured gorgeous footage of a great blue heron that takes a surprising turn.

The heron was probing a small pool in St. George for food, and the camera captured the scene thanks to low water levels at the pool, Gentalen said.

The series of four clips opens with the heron standing directly in front of the camera after having eaten a frog. It then appears to notice the camera.

“The water is so down at the pool that the camera was almost eye level with the heron and maybe it saw its reflection, or something, that triggered it,” Gentalen said.

Then, before you know it, the heron appears to take offense to the invasion of its privacy and begins pecking at the camera.

Gentalen said the bird had previously spent time in the area without noticing or lashing out against the camera.

“It walked by the camera many, many times and caught many frogs and salamanders right there,” Gentalen said. “Funny that for 15 seconds it took offense to the camera.”

Our thanks to Gentalen, a land steward and naturalist for the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, for sharing this footage with Bangor Daily News readers.

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