The bison had been on the loose in the Fort Fairfield area since escaping on Saturday.
Some of the escaped bison have been put down. The bison (pictured here) also escaped their enclosure in February. Credit: Courtesy of Mandy DeWitt

The bison that escaped from a farm in Aroostook County have been put down.

The owner of the bison, Craig Smith, had people come to the area and dispatch the animals. Police were not involved in putting the animals down, according to Fort Fairfield police.

Six bison escaped from Smith’s farm on Presque Isle Road in Fort Fairfield on Saturday.

By Monday, one of the bison was returned to its pasture. The remaining bison were put down.

“We are working with state officials and the farmer so that this does not continue to happen,” the Fort Fairfield police said.

In February, three of Smith’s bison were rounded up after wandering along the Presque Isle Road, also known as Route 167, capturing the attention of local drivers.

A year ago, 10 bison from Smith’s farm were caught on camera at Quoggy Jo Ski Center. A vehicle struck and killed one bison before police and volunteers rounded up the rest of them.