A bison roams about Tatonka Spirit Ranch in Smyrna. Credit: Julia Bayly / BDN

FORT FAIRFIELD, Maine — Police say there are still six bison still on the loose in northern Maine. Several of the animals had to be put down earlier this week after the latest escape from a local farm.

The Fort Fairfield Police Department says they are working with the owner of Lone Wolf Bison to locate the six bison that are still at large.

As of Wednesday, police say they have had no reports of their location.

The incident remains under investigation, and authorities are coordinating with other local and state agencies and the owner to bring a resolution to the situation.

Police say the animals are large, fast, and unpredictable so do not approach them.

Police are urging drivers to exercise caution while driving on rural roads in the Fort Fairfield and Caribou area.

According to the Caribou Police Department, at least eight bison were spotted on Tuesday on Dow Siding Road near the Caribou Motor Inn.

The owner of the bison had people come to the area and dispatch the animals, police said. Police were not involved in putting the animals down.

On Monday, police say the owner of the bison was able to return one of the animals back to its pasture.

Several bison got loose in the Fort Fairfield and Presque Isle area in February as well. Bison also escaped from a farm in the same area last year.