If that's what's keeping away orange skies, then let it rain.
Traffic moves along Wednesday in New York amid smokey haze from wildfires in Canada. Credit: Andy Bao / AP

Rains and clouds have been the theme for the past several days, but it might have turned out to be the best thing for Maine.

Upper-level low pressure has parked itself to our south and east for nearly the last week.

While it’s not typical to see highs struggling to make it into the 60s this time of year, the wind direction has brought us better air quality.

Southern and western New England have seen some of the worst air quality in recorded history due to Canadian wildfire smoke. On Wednesday, New York City broke its record for the worst air quality the city has ever seen and was recently ranked as the worst air quality of any major city in the world.

As this storm sits to our east, a counterclockwise flow around the low has brought air in from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as the wildfire smoke has traveled in a big circle around us. This low will slowly meander south into southern New England over the coming days.

This means cloudy skies, cool temperatures and shower chances. This also means the chance a minimal amount of smoke could make its way into the region at times through early next week, but nothing like what southern New England and the mid-Atlantic has experienced.

It shouldn’t impact air quality at the surface too much, but may lower it a touch in spots.

Make those outdoor plans Sunday, as that looks like the better of the two weekend days.