In this Aug. 11, 2022, file photo, a workman installs a solar panel in Salt Lake City. Credit: Rick Bowmer / AP

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The column by Dana Connors in the July 15-16 BDN was timely and outlined very important policy changes that are needed today. Connors writes, “Until we rein in permitting delays, clean energy projects in Maine and across the country will continue to struggle to get off the ground…” He quotes U.S. Sen. Angus King: “We don’t have 10 years to spend on a permitting process if we’re going to solve [the climate crisis] in time to save the country and the planet…”

If we do not have permitting reform for green energy projects and for new transmission capacity then only 20 percent of the potential greenhouse gas reductions embedded in the Inflation Reduction will be realized. This is important not only to prevent the catastrophic heating of our planet but also to save lives. The Inflation Reduction Act can save 180,000 lives by 2030 because of avoided air pollution, according to research by Drew Shindell. His research also indicated that reduced air pollution resulting from full implementation of the IRA could lead to significant increases in wheat, corn and soy production and fewer incidents of dementia.

David Dietrich

Blue Hill