In this June 17, 2016, file photo, dinner is served to Maizy, Sophie and Loki. Christine Dupuis feeds the dogs a raw-food diet of ground meat, vegetables and fruit. "I find the dogs do so much better on the raw diet," Dupuis said. "They have shinier coats, better health [and] fewer visits to the vets." Credit: Courtesy of Christine Dupuis

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My German shepherds, who are 10 years old and a year old, and my 10-year-old Maine coon mix cat are raw fed. My older dog just had a total blood panel run and everything was perfect. Her 15-year-old aunt dog has never been fed kibble. My young dog was weaned on tripe and has never been fed kibble. My cat has a meat-based dry food available at all times although that isn’t perfect.

I object to the Aug. 22 Bangor Daily News article by Julia Bayly declaring that a raw diet is bad for our animals. The article is based on information from mainstream sources who apparently believe a grain-laden mix, cooked at high temperatures is better for domestic animals than a diet closer to that of their ancestors.

I think a better approach would be to investigate more about why many veterinarians and owners advocate for a raw meat-based diet for their clients.

Jennifer Fisk

Bar Harbor