This story was originally published in March 2022.

Few things inspire an appreciation for wildlife, and elicit feelings of patriotism and pride, more than the bald eagle.

The majestic bird has become a symbol of freedom and power dating back to the days of our founding fathers. The image of an eagle appeared on the Great Seal of the United States in 1782.

Interest in bald eagles has soared (sorry, I couldn’t resist) as they have reclaimed a prominent place in the ecosystem, both here in Maine and across the country.

Once on the verge of extinction because of widespread use of pesticides that poisoned the fish they ate, there are now approximately 800 breeding pairs of bald eagles in the state.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to watch today’s breathtaking trail camera of an eagle captured by Allie Ladd of Byron.

Ladd, as you will see, has developed an incredible knack for where and how to position his game cameras to maximize their potential. This one is located somewhere in the Rangeley Lakes region of western Maine.

The bald eagle stands directly in front of the trail camera and showed off its impressive beak and plumage amid windy conditions.

Many thanks to Allie for the amazing video!

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