LUBEC, Maine — Officials were able to rescue a severely entangled, endangered right whale on Saturday in the Bay of Fundy, according to a statement from the New England Aquarium.

The 6-year-old male whale, which was named FDR, was first spotted in a tremendous amount of gear near the U.S.-Canadian border off the coast of Lubec, the statement said.

A boat from the aquarium carrying whale researchers was called in, followed by the volunteer Campobello Whale Rescue Team, along with lobstermen and scallopers, according to the statement.

The whale had line wrapped multiple times around its head, back and flippers, the statement said.

The team from Campobello attached a long control line with a buoy at its end as to track the whale when it dove. For five hours, the team repeatedly looked for the whale to surface before approaching it and using a long pole with a blade on its end to cut away pieces of the marine rope.

After repeating that process a dozen times, the whale was freed and sped off.

The whale was named after former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Sunday, as he had spent time at Campobello in the summer of 1921.

Ryan McLaughlin

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