AUBURN, Maine — A woman facing multiple charges in connection with operating an alleged puppy mill in New Hampshire once operated an unlicensed kennel in southern Maine but left the state when authorities stepped in to investigate.

Christina Fay, 60, was arrested last week on two misdemeanor charges of neglect after multiple agencies raided her Wolfeboro, NH, home and rescued 84 Great Danes inside the three-story mansion. More charges may be forthcoming.

Maine authorities were looking at Fay in April 2015 when, according to Auburn Deputy Chief Jason Moen, his department received reports that Fay was operating an unlicensed dog breeding kennel out of her home on Summer Street.

“At the time, our animal control officer and the state humane agent took a look around and spoke with her,” Moen said on Wednesday afternoon, “There were 16 Great Danes on the property and all were reported to be well cared for with plenty of food and water available for them.”

Moen said his officers told him the house was “not clean” but didn’t they observe any blatantly unsanitary conditions.

This is stark contrast to what agents described upon entering Fay’s New Hampshire property last week where they discovered 84 dogs reportedly living squalid conditions with limited access to food or water, according to information released by the Humane Society of the United States, which had agents on the scene.

Canines were reportedly surrounded in feces, some showed medical neglect and there was a heavy odor of ammonia, feces and raw chicken in the house.

“It was actually worse than anything you can put words to,” Officer Mark Libby of the Wolfeboro Police Department said Wednesday. “That’s the only way I can describe it.”

Fay ran her breeding kennels in Maine and New Hampshire under the business name De La Sang Monde, but as of Wednesday its website contained no information and its companion Facebook page had been removed.

Moen said when his officers spoke to Fay two years ago, they informed her of the process to license her kennel and what steps she would need to take to be in compliance with a license.

Instead of applying for a license, Moen said, Fay took her dogs and skipped town.

“Before we could inspect her kennel again or continue an investigation she closed up and disappeared and took her dogs with her,” he said. “When my animal control officer went back to meet with her, everything was locked up and she was gone.”

The property, he said, has been vacant ever since.

Fay is not the current listed property owner, according to the Auburn city clerk.

Moen said New Hampshire authorities had been in contact with Auburn animal control officers following Fay’s arrest in that state and added she is not facing any charges in Maine. Fay does not have any criminal history in Maine.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Fay was arrested on two misdemeanor counts was released on personal recognizance bail on the condition that she not possess any animals while the charges remain pending against her.

The investigation is continuing and Fay is scheduled to be arraigned in the Ossipee Circuit Court on Aug. 3.

The rescued New Hampshire Great Danes are currently undergoing veterinary care at an undisclosed location.

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Julia Bayly

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