HAMPTON, New Hampshire – We’ve all of heard of therapy dogs and even cats, but how about a chicken?

A New Hampshire family lost that pet this week, and a practical joke helped bring it home.

Four chickens call Hampton Beach home.

Patty Lamonday bought the flock a few months back for her mother Anna.

While they may not be your typical lap pet, these chickens are therapeutic to Anna, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“It gives her a good sense of independence,” Lamonday said. “She’s out there and feeds them and collects the eggs.”

But last week, JaJa, Patunia, Queen Ann and Suzy Q were a little too curious and one got out.

After JaJa went missing, Hampton police say they got calls from people who saw the chicken in the middle of the road dodging summer traffic, and that’s when they sent an animal control officer down to pick it up.

Not knowing where the chicken belonged, that officer wanted to play a practical joke of his own, placing it in the chief’s chair.

A photo spread around town, with someone familiar catching Patty’s eye.

JaJa was returned home Thursday.