Postal workers protest a proposal to privatize the U.S. Post Office in Portland on Monday. Credit: CBS 13

U.S. Post Office workers across the country, including in Portland are rallying against a plan that would make the service private.

Employees who demonstrated Monday say they oppose selling off the postal service to a private corporation.

The proposal was announced in June by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

Workers say if it goes through, it could mean eliminating daily mail delivery, which could be difficult in rural areas and for elderly Mainers.

“If you have to get your bills or anything like that, you’d be looking at going to Portland or Bangor, maybe there’s two sites statewide, I mean you’d be looking at going to larger cities to get your mail,” President of the Maine State Association of Letter Carriers Jonathan Brackett said. “You wouldn’t have anyone bringing your packages, we deliver 40 percent of UPS and FedEx packages already because they don’t go door-to-door.”

The White House claims making the post office private would have a substantially lower cost structure.

Not all lawmakers are for this plan, including the two U.S. senators from Maine, Angus King and Susan Collins.

Collins is co-sponsoring a resolution opposing the privatization of the Post Office.

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