Elvers squirm in a bucket in this April 21, 2014, file photo.

Four Maine residents were arrested in Massachusetts on Saturday after police allegedly found them in a vehicle with undersized glass eels, heroin, crack cocaine and ammunition, according to the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

Raymond J. Neptune, 28, of Princeton; Lindsay M. Pulz, 39, of Eastport; Muwinesis L. Levesque, 21, of Indian Township; and Clay M. Levesque, 51, of Princeton, were arrested in Wareham, Massachusetts — just south of Cape Cod — on Saturday night.

Each person arrested was charged with committing eight crimes, including possession of undersized American eels, harvesting eels without a permit, possession of a fine mesh net within the vicinity of coastal waters, possession of ammunition, possession of heroin and crack cocaine, along with trespassing and trespassing with a motor vehicle.

Around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, police spotted a vehicle in an area known for the illegal harvesting of elvers, according to an email from Massachusetts Environmental Police spokesperson Katie Gronendyke.

After investigating, police allegedly found elvers inside the vehicle with the four Maine residents, along with drugs and ammunition for a .45 caliber handgun.

A phone call seeking information about whether the Maine residents are still being detained in Massachusetts was not returned Monday.

Amid claims of illegal sales, Maine regulators abruptly closed the 2018 elver season early and have implemented new restrictions designed to prevent poaching during this year’s season.